What No One Tells You About Puppy Parenting

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When we think about puppies, the only word that comes to our minds is ‘Awww.’ Puppies are super cute and always Instagram adorable. No wonder the entire ‘Boss Baby’ movie is around the competition between Puppy love and Baby love, as puppies are surely capable of winning due to their high cuteness factor. They are adorable in real life too, but puppyhood comes with its own bells and whistles. When you watch a cute puppy video on YouTube, you are shown how a puppy can really make you happy and change your life, but the reality behind the camera might be totally different.

Hence, we have listed a few facts that you should know before you get a puppy.

There are Many Expenses Attached:

Only buying a puppy is not the singular expense. It is just the beginning. You have to get your pet a crate, food and water bowl, collar, leash, harness, puppy food, bedding, toys, and a lot more to keep it occupied. You cannot miss poop bags, pee pads, vaccinations, and pet insurance. If the dog breed is large, then the expenses only go higher; hence factor in all these to ensure you can actually afford to raise a dog.

They Chew Everything:

Getting a puppy home means you have to puppy proof all your furniture as they tend to chew and bite things around. They have no idea what they can chew and what they cannot. In the process, they may hurt themselves. You should be extra cautious at home, like getting a closed lid bin, putting away wires, and keeping shoes in closed storage. You should also roll up your carpets and rugs. Put away all cleaning supplies somewhere closed where the puppy cannot reach them.

You Need to Be Extra Cautious of Their Health:

Puppies are delicate and need to be taken care of. Firstly, you need to pick a puppy from a suitable litter from a reputable breeder to know you are getting an overall healthy dog. There are tons of scams around by shady breeders you need to vary off. PuppySpot will help you connect with the right breeder, get a healthy puppy, and claim a PuppySpot discount. Their vaccinations should be up to date, and you have to keep them in a super clean area. Their immunity is low, so you need to vaccinate your pet before taking them out. Do not let them come in contact with any other dog till they are completely vaccinated. Many of these infections can happen during walks, so do not start walking your puppy before vaccination.

It’s a Full-Time Job:

Puppies need to be fed 4 times a day, and they have to empty their bladders more often. You need to potty train them at home so that they do not have accidents. Still, puppies are more prone to such accidents; hence you need to be prepared with a cleaning strategy always. Apart from that, this is the time when you have to train them the most so that they understand basic commands, which will consume some time every day as well.

Be ready to Lose Some Sleep:

Puppies sleep most of the day in breaks and do the same during the night. Which means they may wake you up in between by barking or whimpering. You have to train them to sleep in their crate so that they feel secure and rest the entire night. Also, the confident space will ensure they don’t move much; hence they do not need to relieve themselves during the night. You may feel sleep-deprived for the first few months and need to be prepared for it.

Say Goodbye to a Large Chunk of Social Life:

Puppies are clingy and will not want to let you out of their sight. Also, you cannot leave them alone unsupervised, which makes it tough to leave home without thinking about the dog. Hence, you will reduce living your social life just to be around the dog. As they grow, this behavior may reduce but still, dogs are pack animals and will always want to be around you. Even if you manage to hang on to your social life, you will always have to make some arrangements for the dog before you leave your home, which can get a little tricky at times. You also need to be willing to take up these responsibilities when you plan on getting a dog.

They Grow Up Quickly:

Ok, so if you are adopting a puppy for its cuteness, beware- it is temporary. Dogs are always cute, but they do not remain puppies always. In fact, they grow to nearly full size in 8 months to a year; hence the puppy phase is really short-lived. If young children show interest in the puppy, they may lose interest as they grow into adults. Many dogs are abandoned just because they cross their puppy stage and become adults, which the owners did not expect would happen so soon. Large breed puppies look super cute initially, which is why many people adopt them without realizing that handling them may become difficult as they grow to be large and strong. Take all these factors into consideration when making a decision.

The Bottom Line:

We are not discouraging you from getting a puppy. We just want you to get one for the right reasons. If it is only because they look super cute, then you need to pause and contemplate if there are deeper reasons why you want a dog.

A dog is a companion who will want to be around you full-time. They have their demands and needs that you need to fulfill. There will be many good days but a few bad days for sure. There is a reason why it is called dog parenting, as it truly is parenting a dog full-time. Hence, if you get a dog, be prepared to be a parent. You are bringing home a living being who needs as much attention and care as any other baby. If you are willing to give your dog that, then you should definitely get a furry baby to live with you in your home today.

Helen Miller

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