What is Your Brand Voice and How to Best Develop It

Brand Voice

Over 2/3 of users make purchasing decisions based on brand content on Instagram. It’s hard to argue with this fact: remember how often you yourself, bypassing five screens with text on the site, looking for hyperlinks to go to social networks. This happens regularly because often it is on the pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that you can find clear information about the company. But this, of course, if the business knows how to speak the same language with the audience.

What is the difference between voice and tone?

Brand voice and tone are two concepts that go hand in hand and because of this are often used interchangeably. The first one is the personality of a business, you can say its character. It is chosen once and for a long time. The tone is part of the brand’s voice, its mood. Tone gives it a distinct flavour depending on the audience, situation and channel of communication. Thus, each business has one voice and many tones.

How to create a brand voice?

To go deeper and work out a brand voice that is understandable to representatives of different audiences, let’s try to break the concept into four components – tone, character, language and purpose.


As I mentioned earlier, the tone is the mood of the company. It can be different depending on the situation, communication channel and target group. However, the brand tone should have its own boundaries and an understandable logical system of behaviour, which is precisely regulated by the character. In order not to get lost in such subtle things in practice, think over in advance the most frequent communication scenarios, taking into account all the factors that affect the tone.

The character

Imagine that your business is a persona. Having worked on his portrait, you will automatically make him vivid and understandable. To do this, answer the questions:

  1. What personality traits does your company have?
  2. How does he relate to clients?
  3. What fictional characters or celebrities does your brand look like?
  4. What real people in your life are like your company?


The best marketing practice is to avoid using sentences that are too long and avoid complex terms (or be sure to clarify them).

The most important part is your intentions. This will allow you to highlight your role in social networks, to determine what such a business can bring to the life of subscribers. Ask yourself several questions:

  1. How did the business start and why is it needed?
  2. Who will my product be for?
  3. What unique things can I offer clients on social media?

Tips for developing your brand voice

Create a portrait of your audience

To better define your customer, you first need to understand who in the customer’s company will make the decision to buy your product.

Describe your services in simple language

If it is difficult to do this right away, first write down everything as taught at the institute, without thinking about the simplicity of presentation. At this stage, it is important not to forget to list everything that you know.

Talk to your audience

To write a content plan, you need to understand very well the pains of the new target audience. This will allow you to better understand her portrait and determine the appropriate tone. If there is no budget for in-depth interviews, you can add representatives of the sphere to your friends on social networks. Tell them about your idea, offer a trial at launch, and ask for feedback on the product and the proposal itself. This way you will not only find out what your audience cares about, but you will also be able to improve the service at the very beginning.

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The bottom line

There are infinitely many more tips, but the main thing is not to try to write down all the little things and predict possible development scenarios. This is all procrastination on the way to launching a project or its new direction. The main thing is to remember who your client is and why he needs to communicate and work with your company.

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Lillie Byrd

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