Tips for Hairstyles that make you younger


Many dream of looking younger. You don’t need a knife or scalpel for that. Even the typologically correct hairstyle can “cheat” for a few years. This article reveals what needs to be considered and what tips and tricks you should keep in mind.

Which hairstyle makes you younger?

Short hair

Little styling effort and very self-confident – but also make you younger?

Yes, if the face is optimally emphasized and the typology is taken into account. The topcoat is also like longer, the neck and sides a little frayed, and please no concrete styling! The hairstyle should be light, modern, and lively. A fringe looks fresh, offers creative freedom, and also covers the first wrinkles.

Bob and half-length

Here almost all variants provide a rejuvenation effect. Depending on the hair structure, fullness, and face shape, these haircuts add volume, bounce, and soft lines to the hair. This ensures more elasticity and optical vitality, especially with weak and thinning hair. For me, lengths between the earlobe and collarbone (Clavi-Cut) are the most practical.

Since our facial contours often become harder with age, lines and small wrinkles increase, the styling can be lively and dynamic. I prefer soft waves (beach waves), curls, or just a slight movement after blow-drying.

Whether it’s a round brush and hairdryer, various curling irons, or a straightening iron (for curls!) – everything is allowed. Only here, please, be natural and not too strict.

Long Hair

If the hair quality and fullness are right, then gladly. But be careful: the face is quickly pressed and framed here, which makes you look older. For very elegant types, but definitely recommended. Slightly pinned up, subtle volume, and a trendy touch as anti-aging are all the more important. If you use too much product (e.g. hairspray) the whole thing looks helmet-like and you achieve the opposite.

Hair color as a fountain of youth

Here it is essential not to cling to the past. The black bob and the platinum blonde mane were once. The current condition of skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color give us the direction, as well as your personal desire for appearance and external impact. Please always discuss with your hairdresser and be honest. Then you can decide together whether harmony or contrasts are better, of course depending on what you want to emphasize or conceal. And of course what is technically possible with your hair without damaging the structure.

Light or dark?

Basically, the lighter the color, the fresher and more summery the look. However, blonde does not suit everyone and not everyone wants it.

In case of doubt, the selected or natural hair color should be chosen a shade lighter than darker. Light colors create less contrast and shadows on the face, which distracts from small wrinkles. Naturalness is also in the foreground here. Artificial and irritating nuances tend to be counterproductive. Fine strands in golden blonde, honey, caramel or hazelnut are my recommendations.

If you like it cooler, you should combine a warm tone with a cool tone to avoid bland and tired-looking facial features.

If your shade is very dark, modern freehand techniques with a tone-on-tone effect can be used as a rejuvenating cure. Here too strong contrasts should be avoided and a warm-looking color result should be achieved.

My current favorite is the so-called face-framing technique. Here strands in lighter shades are only placed on the top of the head and around the contours of the face. This is modern, fresh and at the same time protects the hair structure.

Gray hair – beautiful or not? And from what age?

Gray hair isn’t pretty when it’s neglected or when it’s not worn by the right person. Gray hair is spectacular when given a shine and paired with the right haircut. Personally, I like short hairstyles and bob haircuts in natural gray best and it is absolutely not limited to any age. The type has to fit and the style should be modern. Above all, a strong charisma makes you attractive.

The natural color can be accentuated with ash or silver shampoo and conditioner.


My personal styling highlights are curls and waves, as they add dynamism.

The so-called “messy” look is casual, lively, and self-made. Undone style instantly rejuvenates! Everything looks a little wild and loose here and one or the other strand just hangs out. Easy to style and not complicated at all.

Braided hair appears soft and playful and often evokes associations with young women. If you wear a parting, it should by no means be exact and in the middle, which makes you strict and older.

No-gos for hair anti-aging

All exaggerations, such as bright colors, visible toupage (also on the back of the head), too perfect styling, hard cut lines/steps, and too long, loose hair are not recommended. The lightness makes you younger.

My personal anti-aging favorites

1. Movement and soft waves in the hair

We lose fatty tissue in the face as we age. What sounds good, unfortunately, also emphasizes edges and hard lines. Waves and movement in the hair are great for visually balancing out these distinctive facial features, and they also make you look younger and more dynamic.

2. The Bob

Worn just under the chin, it brings bounce back to the hair, creating the illusion of lots of volumes. A cut that’s shorter towards the back also pulls the focus away from the chin and toward the cheekbones.

3. The bangs

A pony has almost magical abilities to look younger. He shifts the focus to the eyes in such a way that he can change our entire appearance for the better. Side effect: Wrinkles on the forehead and even small wrinkles around the eyes become invisible.

4. It can also be a little longer

If there is a lot of thick hair. Shortcutting creates an unfavorable triangular shape here. If the hair falls over the shoulders, it looks narrower and lighter and looks youthfully fresh.

5. Play of colors

Hair color has a decisive influence on a young appearance. Pale ashy tones make the skin dull and make us look older. Warmer gold or beige tones, on the other hand, let us shine in the right combination. I like to opt for highlights here, which saves the guest from having to re-dye too often and gives a lot of naturalness. In general, lighter shades and moderate hair colors close to natural shades are recommended. Colored too dark often looks hard, unnatural and makes even the smallest wrinkles stand out twice as much.

Karren Brandenburg

Karren Brandenburg is a travel and shopping expert. She has been quoted in Street Insider, Yahoo Finance, Reuters, ABC News, and MarketWatch. Karren has a total of 18 credit cards, using reward points to see the world on a budget.