The Best Shopping Apps In The UK For Students

The Best Shopping Apps In The UK For Students

Student life is bright and eventful, but who, if not students, know the severity of the financial burden. The high cost of tuition, textbooks, stylish clothes and the latest gadgets make you learn to save money from the very first year.

Fortunately, with the right applications, you may buy what you like and need but still save a lot. Below you will learn about “save the students” apps providing the best deals and money-saving opportunities.

Top 5 Shopping Apps for Students

So, there is no need to talk about the need for students to save money since this is an obvious fact. Below you will find applications that will help you:

  • Save money
  • Buy and sell textbooks
  • Receive monetary rewards for purchases
  • Learn to buy only the food you need.

1.    Fatbrain

This is one of the best of uni apps out there as it saves you money on tutorials. Within the app, you can be both a buyer and a seller. Since this is a niche app, there is no doubt that you will find the textbook that you need at an affordable price or sell the textbook that you don’t need quickly.

“Since we are working on creating papers for students, we have to study all the relevant textbooks. As you understand, collecting a library in all disciplines that students face is a difficult and expensive task. However, this one of the best university apps that allow us to buy study materials quickly at a favorable price and reuse them for all the subsequent orders on the particular topic” – says the Online Writers Rating team which helps students with academic papers writing and reviews.

In order to find or sell a book, you do not need to enter the ISBN, as such apps often require. You just need to scan the book, and all the suggestions will appear in front of you.


All students prefer to dress stylishly, and this tool will help to solve this problem and buy things at affordable prices. There is also a good assortment of not only clothes but also gifts and toys. As for clothing, here you can profitably purchase goods of their own production, UGG, and Ted Baker.

The advantage of this platform is that you can buy things and pay for them later. This platform protects all purchases. This applies to goods with damage or non-compliance with the declared quality. Although it is not a mobile app, it is worthy of student attention.

3.    Prezzybox

Choosing and buying gifts can be challenging and expensive. Not all students have a budget that will allow them to buy gifts for their relatives without feeling financially stressed. But this student discount app will allow you to get rid of this kind of anxiety.

This tool will allow you to find gifts that will delight not only the recipient but also you. Since here, you can find many ideas, taking into account your financial capabilities. When it comes to gifts, there are tons of offers ranging from tech to personalized gifts.

4.    BigOven

Often, students are faced with the fact that when they go shopping for groceries, they buy a lot of unnecessary products and nothing that they needed for a meal. With this application, you can stop wasting money on unnecessary food, and buy only what you need for a complete meal.

Within the app, you can find a recipe and get a list of those products that you need for this. Also, this app will help you prepare a dish from the products that are already in your fridge. To do this, you need to enter the products you have and the tool will find suitable recipes. Without a doubt, this tool can teach to cook, diversify your diet, buy only the necessary products, and significantly save money on food.

5.    Quidco

This app has already been tested by many users, the purpose of which is to get cashback after every purchase. You will certainly not become a millionaire with this tool, but you can get additional wealth without effort. Agree, it’s better than nothing! Especially, if you rely on the ratings of this application, people who always use it receive up to £300 a year. This money can be your lifeline if you need academic writing help from the Best Writers Online professionals.

The app offers two options for cooperation. You can use the free plan or you can get a premium account for around £ 5 per year. If you often make purchases, then you should pay attention to the second option. The fact is that this plan offers more deals with a more significant cashback indicator. By the way, you can pay for a membership from the money that will be credited to you as a cashback.

Final Notes

So, now you know how modern apps can help you make smart purchases. This is not the whole list of popular apps, but we’ve faced the fact that many of them turn out to be dummies. However, as for these tools, they all work and have high ratings and positive reviews. All these apps are ideal for students and will help you not only save money but also buy what you like and even get cash rewards for shopping. Isn’t that what every student needs? Download all these apps and start improving your financial situation now.

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