Amazon International Expansion
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Amazon International Expansion & What We Can Learn

Decades after surviving the Dot-Com crash, Amazon continues to grow. The company has amassed a yearly revenue of 11.59 billion dollars, and has a seat at the table in a diversity of industries, from cloud computing to entertainment. Today, we’ll look at the secrets behind the international expansion of Amazon. There were many aspects of […]

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Job Placement
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How To Find The Best Job Placement Services In The USA?

Whether you call them recruitment agencies, head-hunters, job placement services, employment agencies or staffing services, they perform an important function. They bring two sets of requirements together – one with a need for a job and another with a need for a worker. Placement agencies offer job opportunities to nearly 15 million American job-seekers annually, […]

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Money Saving Tips News & Trends

5 Top Reasons for Using a VPN

The amount of VPN users is growing each day, but there were barely any VPN users a few years back. Even today, many people aren’t familiar with this term. The increasing prevalence of VPN raises the question of why you should use one. VPN provides a safe environment for surfing the web as it gives […]

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china consumer
News & Trends

China’s consumer market in the post-epidemic era

The epidemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the lives of people around the world. China is the only country that has achieved positive economic growth during the epidemic. In the post-epidemic era, Chinese consumers’ needs, purchasing methods, consumption behaviours and attitudes have undergone tremendous changes. The epidemic has brought unprecedented impact to the world The […]

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black friday sale
News & Trends

Europe and the United States will learn China’s Double Eleven this Black Friday shopping season

The coronavirus has caused a sharp decline in the economies of Europe and the United States this year. In particular, the blockade caused by the pandemic has closed many stores, and the retail industry has suffered an unprecedented blow. To revive the economy and stimulate the shopping, European and American businesses have high hopes for […]

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uk luxury shopping
Life Tips

UK Luxury Industry Prepares For Coronavirus Outbreak

Luxury brands in the UK are preparing for a considerable decline in sales as the spread of coronavirus intensifies. The brand-new coronavirus was a severe threat to public health as the number of the confirmed case in the UK increased significantly. Flights between the UK and China continue to be waived. Chinese shoppers account for […]

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