Singles’ Day or Black Friday: which discount day is more worthwhile?

Singles Day Black Friday
  • Two major shopping events take place in November: Singles’ Day and Black Friday. On both days, online retailers, in particular, attract attractive discounts and offers.
  • But which discount day is more worthwhile – Singles’ Day or Black Friday? The higher percentage discounts are available on Singles’ Day, while there are more deals to choose from on Black Friday. This was the result of an analysis by the social shopping platform Mydealz.
  • Read here which products you should buy better on Singles’ Day and which are cheapest on Black Friday.

Black Friday, a popular discount campaign from the USA, is now an integral part of the shopping calendar in Germany as well. It always takes place on the last Friday in November and heralds the Christmas business with its cheap deals and offers. This year Black Friday falls on November 26th, 2021. Just a little more than two weeks before that, many retailers are holding another discount day: Singles’ Day. This is a somewhat less well-known campaign that has its origins in China and is always celebrated on November 11th. In his home country China and in many other countries, Singles’ Day is already so big that it is the top-selling online shopping day of the year. So it’s no wonder that more and more German retailers have attractive Singles’ Day offers.

Singles’ Day vs. Black Friday: You save more on this day

Since the days follow one another so closely, the question arises as to when the better deals are available: on Singles’ Day or on Black Friday? The answer to this is provided by the social shopping platform Mydealz. The forum for consumers analyzed and compared a sample of 3,001 Singles’ Day and Black Friday offers from 2019. It turned out that the discounts on Singles’ Day are slightly higher than on Black Friday. The average savings on Singles’ Day is 29.4 percent – on Black Friday it is only 28.7.

On which day are there the better deals – on Singles Day or on Black Friday?

At the same time, Mydealz has also found out that there are significantly more deals on Black Friday. The portal comes to this conclusion because its users posted around four and a half times as many offers on Black Friday as on Singles’ Day. In addition, there were higher quality bargains on Black Friday. The average price of Mydealz posts on Black Friday 2019 was 222.44 euros. For comparison: On Singles’ Day 2019 it was only 176.89 euros.

These products are particularly cheap on Singles’ Day

Both discount campaigns have their advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, experience has shown that there are certain products that are cheaper on one of the two days than on the other. For example, anyone looking for deals for streaming services should hit Singles’ Day. Then the prices for video and music providers will drop by an average of 72.9 percent. This saving is 4.2 percentage points higher than on Black Friday. More things that, according to the Mydealz analysis, reached their lowest price on Singles’ Day in previous years?

  • Software (67.2 percent discount)
  • Travel (43.4 percent discount)
  • Video games (43.1 percent discount)
  • Furniture and decoration (32.8 percent discount)
  • Tools (27.8 percent discount)
  • Headphones (27.3 percent discount)
  • Kitchen appliances (26 percent discount)
  • Smart home products (26 percent discount)
  • Household appliances (25.4 percent discount)
  • Game consoles (23.6 percent discount)
  • TV (21.7 percent discount)
  • Cameras (21.2 percent discount)
  • Computer (20.9 percent discount)

What are the best things to buy on Black Friday?

Is it still worth waiting for Black Friday? However – especially when it comes to lifestyle products like fashion. The following products were cheaper on Black Friday in the past:

  • Groceries (38.4 percent discount)
  • Drugstore items (38.4 percent discount)
  • Suitcases and bags (35.2 percent discount)
  • Shoes (32.7 percent discount)
  • Fashion (32 percent discount)
  • Watches (31.7 percent discount)
  • Jewelry (31.4 percent discount)
  • Cosmetics (30.2 percent discount)
  • Outdoor items (30.2 percent discount)
  • Sporting goods (29.2 percent discount)
  • Alcohol (26.4 percent discount)
  • Smartphones (13.6 percent discount)

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