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Seven tips on writing an essay faster

Essay writing is not the most pleasant task in academia. You have to compose the bulk of papers during your studies. And the higher your academic level is, the more writing assignments you will get. This may turn you into a robot who only spawns essays and doesn’t know the subject. Worse if you spend hours writing a task and can’t finish it on time.

You have an ultimate solution to this problem. You can delegate your assignment to this professional online essay service and immerse yourself in whatever makes you happy. You can also try writing an essay independently. And if you wish to do that fast, there is no better guide than this one. Read simple tips that will help you finish any essay as quickly as possible.

Understand The Assignment

Understanding the assignment is the biggest pitfall students face. They think that doing that is a complete waste of time. The truth is, questions are various, and they require doing different analyses or comparisons. Failing to understand what you are asked results in the lowest grade. Of course, your writing session will be brisk without delving into the topic. But are the outcomes worth it?

First things first, read the assignment carefully. What does it require? Check the keywords and identify their purpose. For example, suppose the assignment asks you to prove something. In that case, you have to demonstrate a notion and provide a logical and compelling argument. In turn, if the topic requires you to indicate something, you need to point out and list the main factors or attributes of the given notion.

If you still don’t understand the assignment, you have to contact your teacher. Many students refrain from that because they think it makes them stupid. But remember: asking for clarifications doesn’t make you stupid. A wrongly written essay does.


While research may take plenty of time, you can’t avoid it. Research is the basics of your paper! You must carry out an analysis and find relevant sources. These materials serve as backup information for the points you develop within your paper. Remember to follow the instructions and find just the same number of sources required by the professor. If they stated the essay must have three sources, you must cite three different articles or books.

Since you strive to complete an essay fast, you should go directly to databases comprised of reliable literature. Google Scholar, JSTOR, WorldCat, ResearchGate, and even Google Books are your go-to option for looking for authoritative sources. Of course, if you live anywhere close to the library, you can use it. But that will take you more time.

Craft An Outline

Oddly enough, but an outline is rarely used among students. They find it an unnecessary activity that extends the writing process. Actually, this is a commonly held perception. The outline is incredible! Not only does it make you more organized, but it also helps you write any paper within tight time frames. It works the following way: you create a layout for the paper and state the most important points for every paragraph. Then you simply start writing by following the plan. It will prevent you from adding any new information to the paper.

You can outline your paper in many ways. Writing the first sentence for every section or structuring it by using bullet points – the choice is yours. Most important, create an outline and make it clear for you.

Set Up A Perfect Writing Environment

We all complain about our productivity and concentration level. We claim them to be low and insufficient. But we don’t pay enough attention to our surroundings. A working environment must be tranquil, calm, and free of distractions. Such an atmosphere will give you a good kick of motivation to finish the paper quickly.

You don’t have to use any co-working spaces to make your writing environment appropriate. Simply clean your work desk and get rid of anything that is unrelated to your writing session. Refresh the room and refill your glass with water. Put some healthy snacks besides. If something keeps disturbing you, put on your headphones and launch an ASMR or any other relaxing sounds.

Follow The Structure and The Instructions

Every paper has a structure and the requirements it must meet. If your teacher asked you to write a four-page paper, write four pages. Academia is strict, and it requires following academic rules. No need to write two pages more because you have a dozen ideas in your head you aspire to share.

Draft The Paper And Then Edit It

If you want to finish it quickly, separate the writing and editing sessions. Multitasking is beneficial, but it can reflect in your paper’s quality. Although you are short on time, focus on one thing at a time. First, write the essay, and then start editing it.

Make Use Of Tools

Editing helps you become aware of your writing style and common mistakes you are prone to making. However, it isn’t always completely effective. You can still make lots of mistakes. The problem is, when you check the work, your brain refuses to spot errors. It is generally advised to wait some time and reread the paper. But since you want to complete the essay fast, you are encouraged to use helpful tools, such as Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and OneLook Thesaurus. They all serve to make your writing refine, bold, and clear. You don’t have to pay to use them, so make sure to check how they work.


It might be challenging to write an essay fast because topics and requirements vary. However, you can significantly reduce your time spent writing an essay if you use the mentioned tips. This list of advice will help you deal with any essay type real quick. Make sure to utilize them daily, and you will see the outcomes shortly.

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