how to save money as a student

How to Save Money in the UK If You Are a Student

London has been the most famous city in the world in terms of travelling as well as studies. All the world’s best universities are located in the UK, including Oxford, Cambridge, London School of economics, and the list goes on. But those who travel to London for higher studies or UK citizens could face a tough time due to the high costs. How to save money in the UK if you are a student?

Everyone who is planning to move to London for studies should try to manage the expenses. One should keep in mind a few money-saving tips for spending less and saving more for future use.

Track Your Spending

It is essential to track your expenses and where you spend the money. First of all, create a spreadsheet and note down all the costs as well as total income. However, in this way, you’ll get to know about the monthly payment and how to cut down the unnecessary items from the list. Organizing things is the wise step; otherwise, you’ll lose all your money in the urge to buy luxuries and end up saving not even a single penny.

There are so many expenses of the students, especially those who come from other countries or cities. If you live in any flat with other students or any hostel, you’ll need to share the energy bills, including electricity, gas, and water bills.

Moreover, you need to pay the wifi cost, food cost, and monthly rent. These are just an overview of your monthly expense. The cost of restaurants and shopping is not mentioned yet. How to survive in an unknown city with so many fees? How to live a life with a feeling of satisfaction that you’ve some assets to spend on rainy days? Only by saving money, you can get whatever you dream for. Start from the little, and one day, you’ll have enough to spend on something productive or your dreams.

Tips For Students Who Wants To Save Money

Do you want to keep a little for the rainy days? Are you looking for some creative tips that do not affect your lifestyle yet help you save money? Well, you’ve come to the very right place. Here is the information that will probably help you save more and spend less on unnecessary or useless things.

Student Discounts

You must hear about the student discounts offered by almost everyone, mostly in the UK. From textbooks to the cinema, from bus fares to shops, from restaurants to cafes, you can get the student discounts by only showing your ID card. However, the institutes also give you their codes to use while going to any place to get the discount. Now the thing you should make the most out of the student discount. Furthermore, by contacting the bus membership cards or coach cards, you can get off while travelling from one place to another.

Learn Haggling

Living in an expensive city and does not know how to haggle is not a good combo. Ld If you are one of those who live hand to mouth or belong to a middle-class family, you must know about the haggling tricks to get a discount on whatever you need. Moreover, the most significant expense of the student is the rent of the house. Try to haggle on the rent to cut a few rupees from the total amount. Every penny matters the most that’s why if you get an off of small amount, consider it a blessing. Furthermore, haggling is the courage to ask the retailer about reducing the amount or simply that you want to pay less than the advertised price due to any reason. Whether you get a discount or not but trust me, it is better to try than to cry later.

Bill Reviewing

One has to check the bills to get an idea about the lacking and what expense you need to reduce. Moreover, if your energy bills are too much, try to cut the cost by finding an alternate solution. One can reduce the bill by lowering the usage of electricity or gas. In winter, the accounts are more as compared to the few summer days. All you need to do is lower the gas unit and wear sweaters or warm jumpers to avoid cold and reduce bills.

Supermarket Tricks

If you are going to market for groceries, try to find the products at a low price. Getting frozen food or any other premium brand item at an expensive rate is not necessary. You can get the same quality food in an affordable range as well. Try to select the products with low rates as compared to the expensive ones. No one will even judge you on that for sure.

Cash Backs

You can save money through cash backs as well. How? Well, some grocery stores, companies, websites, and even banks offer you paying back half of the amount after purchase. All they want you to sign up on their site or download their app, and in return, they will transfer the half amount back to your account. This does not require any effort, just common sense and disciplines are the requirement.


Try to find the outlets which offer free vouchers or discount vouchers on specific items. There are so many types of vouches, but whatever they provide, never miss it. In this way, you’ll get the desired article in such an exceptional half rate. What else one required? Collect the vouchers and save money while purchasing your favourite items.


Saving money is an art, and you can master it by using your common sense and few tricks. You don’t need to always get off on items or cash backs. Don’t rely on third parties. They don’t need to save money, but you do. So make some effort to protect yourself from facing the tough times. Save money while studying and spend the saved amount on some productive things.

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