How To Quit Smoking And Save Money In 7 Simple Steps

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Many people in the UK want to quit smoking, but they find it hard to do so, even if they know how beneficial it can be for their health. However, what might not be so obvious is the big cost of smoking. As a result, you may not realise how much money you can reclaim, if you stop smoking. You may be surprised to learn that the potential savings can amount to thousands of pounds every year. Whether this is your first try or you have made attempts to quit in the past, this article will provide you with some helpful solutions to stop smoking and save money at the same time.

Map Out Your Motivations

Before quitting, it’s important to consider the exact reasons you want to quit smoking and consider what you want to achieve. Writing down your concerns and commitments may be useful, as these will become your motivations. This way, when you’re struggling, you can go back and look at the reasons you have listed. They will remind you why you started this journey in the first place and provide the encouragement you need to continue making positive changes in your life. Be sure to keep the list of reasons on your phone so that you can always have them on hand.

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Tell Your Family And Friends

It’s also recommended to tell your family and friends that you’re going to quit smoking. This will provide you with a network of supporters to help you through the hard times. They will undoubtedly be happy to ensure you stick to your commitment and make healthy changes. In addition, some of your loved ones may have stopped smoking themselves and might be able to relate to what you’re going through. Apart from a shoulder to lean on, they might be able to offer some practical advice and guidance on how to quit smoking for good.

Speak To A Pharmacist Or Doctor

Just like any other major decision that may affect your personal health, it’s crucial to consult your pharmacist or doctor for more guidance. They will be happy to help you quit smoking in the most effective way possible. This is because medical professionals have a wide range of tools and tips available to improve your health. These may include anything from chewing gums, patches, and other medications to help you control your nicotine cravings. As a result, you will receive specialist support, even if you are the heaviest smoker.

Determine Your Triggers

Most of the time, cigarettes and tobacco aren’t the only factors, that can influence you to pick up another pack again. You will likely find that there are other triggers and lifestyle choices, that may make it more difficult to stop smoking. For example, in some cases drinking alcohol may be your downfall and as a result, a few drinks in a social setting may be triggering. Similarly, many people may turn to smoking when they’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Therefore, it may be worth looking at other relaxing habits, that can help you reduce stress and won’t damage your health or bank account.

Quit With Someone Else

Smoking is often considered a social habit, which might be challenging to quit, when your friends and colleagues smoke too. Even if you have made progress, it can still be tempting to join them outside for a quick break and fall back into your old habits. When trying to stop smoking, it’s best to quit with another smoker, as you can both hold yourselves accountable. This way you will have someone to support you throughout this process and celebrate with. Moreover, it will be easier to resist temptation at events and social gatherings.

Think About Your Lifestyle

People sometimes try to quit smoking as part of a bigger attempt to improve their health. However, it doesn’t make sense to tackle too many changes simultaneously, as this may cause you to revert to your previous lifestyle. Instead of trying to change everything in one go, be sure to take smaller steps, as this will help you stay motivated. For example, instead of trying to start a new diet, try to replace dessert with a healthier option, such as yoghurt and fruits. This will prevent you from getting overwhelmed and ensure you can stick to your goals.


Helen Miller

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