How to learn to save money for a student?

student save money

Do you want to buy a new book, but you do not have enough money? We can help you with advice on how to save money. It can be as easy as using proofread paper online!

It is important for a student to learn how to properly manage the available amount of money. Stash investment app will help you save more through their automatic saving.  To do this, you have to keep personal accounts. Mandatory payments must be deducted from the entire monthly amount of finances (parents’ benefits, scholarships, part-time work). This is a fee for housing, travel, internet, telephone. The remaining money is divided by the number of days. The amount received is the daily expenditure of the student.

Cost limit

It is important not to exceed the set spending limit, and never carry all your cash with you. You won’t even have time to blink when all the large banknotes turn into small ones and the small ones into coins, and by the end of the month, it’s still a long way off.


Another tip is to save and save at least a small part of your finances in case of emergency. No one is insured against unforeseen expenses, such as repairing equipment, buying medicine, or repairing shoes.

If you have started to save, you need to adjust to the fact that you will have to cook yourself. After spending 30-40 minutes, you will cook delicious and healthy food. However, products should be chosen wisely. The best way to make the right purchases is to make a list of products. This way you will avoid “let it be, someday come in handy” purchases, and this “someday” never happens.


Plan your grocery shopping after breakfast, lunch, or dinner. So you do not spend money on fast food, do not buy extra.

When buying non-essential goods, give yourself a few days to think about whether you can do without them at the moment, whether it is worth spending money on them at all.

Measure the value of purchase not in money, but in the amount of time you spend earning it.

Asking yourself if buying is worth your time, you will wean yourself off impulsive shopping. It helps to save the availability of student travel. Thanks to it, you reduce your transportation costs by about a third.

Pay attention to various discounts, promotions, sales.

With regard to products, you need to be very careful not to get overdue goods, and thus not harm your health. And as for clothes, you can dress in quality and stylish things, only 2 times cheaper.

Many institutions that operate near universities offer students discounts. Try to use them at the first opportunity. Don’t forget to bring your student card.

Student life cannot be imagined without rest

With savings every week is unlikely to go anywhere, but once every 2-3 weeks you can arrange a holiday. There are many different types of entertainment where you can have fun and meaningful time while saving. For example, museums hold free tours every month. Cinemas hold morning screenings at reduced ticket prices. There are so-called anti-cafes, where paying a small amount, you can sit with friends, talk or play board games. In general, if desired, everyone can find entertainment to their liking.

Before buying a book, search for it on the Internet.

Now a lot of literature can be downloaded for free. Do you prefer the paper version? Just visit the library and ask if you have the right book.

Here is a sample list of how to distribute your income:

– payment for housing, utility bills, transport, food – 55%

– leisure and entertainment – 10%

– accumulation – 10%

– for training, self-development and health – 10%

– accumulation for large necessary purchases – 10%

– gifts for friends and relatives – 5%


By following all these simple rules, you will be able to learn how to save money and how to manage them wisely!

Karren Brandenburg

Karren Brandenburg is a travel and shopping expert. She has been quoted in Street Insider, Yahoo Finance, Reuters, ABC News, and MarketWatch. Karren has a total of 18 credit cards, using reward points to see the world on a budget.