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Travelling abroad is usually something we think about when we think of luxury and leisure. However, travelling can be a lot less pricey with a bit of planning and putting some of these tricks up your sleeves. Learn how to travel in a way that won’t put too big a dent in your pocket. Depending on where you are going, you will need to apply for your visa in advance, so remember to apply for your visa on time to avoid having to pay any urgent fees.

Flexibility with flights

If you have the luxury of not being married to a specific date, then be as flexible as possible with your travel dates. There are many sites around, such as Skyscanner that will allow you to see the variations in price per flight, depending on the day of the week, how long you fly for, and your arrival/departure combination. Perhaps waiting a week will save you quite a bit on your travel.

Obviously, this is much easier when you are travelling alone or in a small group, but usually these websites have settings available that allow you to see the price differences for your entire group. Being flexible can make quite a difference on how much you spend on your journey, which will open up some extra spending money for your holiday.

Also, keep in mind that being economical while travelling isn’t always about simply saving a few pounds. Perhaps some flexibility with your flight means that in a few days, the same flight will be cheaper, and the business class or upgraded tickets will cost roughly the same as a regular flight would another day. Travelling more comfortably on a long flight can make the difference when it comes to jet lag and other factors while on holiday.

Plan ahead

Unfortunately, not everyone can be flexible with their holidays. Many families have to adhere to their children’s school holiday schedule, or sometimes even their own work schedule. Luckily, usually this is something you know ahead of time, which makes it easy to plan ahead. Often, the earlier you plan ahead, the better the deals you will find.

This can also not only save you money, but it will be less stressful in terms of planning the whole holiday. This gives you time to look up things to do, research where you are going, and perhaps even learn a few words if there is a different language spoken there.

Some things are worth the money


Now more than ever, travel insurance has become something that is being seen as a necessity rather than an add-on. The extra up-front cost of travel insurance can seem unnecessary when you are booking, but now that there are so many new travel requirements that seem to change so rapidly and vary country by country, making sure you will get a refund, or being able to reschedule is incredibly important.

When it comes to travel health insurance, it is sometimes now a requirement to enter certain countries. For example, a country like Sri Lanka requires that you have a specific

Covid-19 insurance. Make sure that you take out the right insurance for where you are travelling. It would be wasteful to apply fr general heath insurance, only to find out that the country requires a specific insurance. The world’s first variable driving position racing simulator range.

Cellular/Data packages:

Depending on where you are travelling, it may be worth spending a bit of money at the beginning of your trip on a local SIM card for cell service and date. If you are travelling to a country like the USA to visit bigger cities, then there is a good chance that you will have access to Wi-Fi quite regularly, so this isn’t such a great necessity.

However, even in the USA, depending on where you travel, you may be visiting parts where service is limited, such as certain parts of the national parks further away from visitor centres, or out in the desert while on a road trip. In this case, paying 30 or even 50 pounds up front can be worth the money if it means you have access to maps and other conveniences. Getting lost or, even worse, running out of gas or other emergencies can be avoided simply by making sure you are connected.


Perhaps the country you are flying into has several airports? Perhaps it seems like if you fly in to one airport, you will shave 100 pounds off the cost of your flight? Seems great, until you arrive, and costs 100 pounds and several hours to get to your accommodations. Make sure you research this aspect of your journey as well.

Do like locals do

In fast, the sharing economy offers some cool new ways to save money and meet locals while on holiday. Sites like BlaBlaCar, or even Airbnb offer alternatives to traditional travel methods and can lead to new experiences and encounters. Some locations even have opportunities to eat meals with local cooks, like with EatWith.

Once you meet some locals, you can get to know more about where you are travelling. Perhaps they know of a local market that gives out samples, or which museums have free evenings. This allows you to do activities that locals would do, and get a much more up close experience of your destination.

Get your visa on time

Many destinations require you to have a visa in advance before travelling. However, to make life easier, many countries have different e-visas to make it easier to travel. Most people travelling to the USA can make use of the ESTA, which is a much faster and cheaper alternative to the visa. The ESTA can be applied for online, and it is not necessary to visit the USA embassy or consulate to receive one.

Your time is also valuable, and to save time, when travelling with a big group, it is much easier to apply for more than one ESTA at a time. You only have to provide much of the key information only once, instead of for every individual application. And the ESTA information and approvals will be sent to one main point of contact, allowing for a more streamlined and easy to manage holiday. Once your ESTA or ESTAs are approved, you will receive them all together via email and you can start your holiday!

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