How to find out if a Capricorn man likes you

capricorn man

Capricorn men (i.e. men born between December 22nd and January 19th) can be stubborn, proud and too focused on their work. However, they are also compassionate, ambitious and very loyal to their partners. If you have your eye on a Capricorn man but aren’t sure if he likes you back, don’t despair. There are some signs and behaviors that you can consciously look for if you want to get a sense of whether or not he’s into you too.

Watch his behavior

Pay special attention to whether he jokes with you a lot.

Capricorn men are usually very reserved and quiet, but they open up and show their humorous side when they really like another person. If he tells you jokes, teases you, or acts a little silly around you, it could be a sign that he likes you too. Next time you see him, tell him a joke or tease him a bit and see how he reacts. If he laughs and immediately teases you back, it could mean he likes you too. Make sure you laugh and smile when you tease each other so he knows you’re just kidding and trying to flirt with him.

Ask yourself if he confides in you.

Capricorn men can be very distant towards other people. They don’t open up easily and only give away their trust very strategically. If a Capricorn man shares his secrets with you and talks to you about his personal problems, there’s a pretty good chance he’ll like you too. If you’re always the first person he confides in when something goes wrong, it could be a sign that he has a crush on you. Check your SMS and messages on social media. Do you mostly exchange short, superficial messages, or do you often talk about what’s going on in his private life?

Know if he’s getting jealous when you’re flirting with another person.

Once a Capricorn man decides he likes someone, he hates it when other people get in his way. If he seems moody or upset when you give other people your attention, he may wish you’d talk to him instead. Pay close attention to how he acts when you talk to others. If he frequently glances in your direction or interrupts your conversations with others, it could be a sign that he is jealous.

Take it as a good sign if he invites you to his house.

Capricorn men value their personal space and possessions. They don’t just let anyone into their home. If he invites you to his house, it’s a sign that he really trusts you. If he often gives you a lift in his car or allows you to use his stuff, that could also be a sign that he likes you.

Understand how his thinking works

Realize that if he likes you, he might push you away on purpose.

Capricorn men are calculating. They need a lot of time before making decisions – especially when it comes to relationships. If you notice him turning his back on you or giving you the cold shoulder, don’t panic right away. It could mean that he likes you and just needs a little time to figure out if you’re the one he wants to be with. When you confront him about his distance, keep in mind that he may not be telling you the real reason he’s pushing you away.

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Understand that he is looking for a life partner.

Capricorn men are not interested in brief flirtations – they are looking for a person to spend the rest of their life with. If you’ve mentioned to him in the past that you’re not interested in settling down and just want a casual relationship, he may not be interested in you. If he thinks you’re not interested in a long-term relationship but you’ve already changed your mind on the subject, you should mention it to him. He should know that you are ready to settle down with a man. For example, you could casually say, “I’ve enjoyed dating casually for a while, but lately I’ve been wishing I could find the right one to grow old with.”

Don’t expect him to be a good communicator from the start.

Capricorn men aren’t always good at sharing their feelings openly. They usually wait until they are very close to another person before opening up fully. If you feel like he’s still very tight-lipped about you, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. It just means that you have to get even closer to him before he shares everything with you. It might help if you take the initiative and tell him how you feel first. Maybe then he’ll feel more comfortable being vulnerable around you.

Be prepared to wait a while for him to make up his mind.

Capricorn men are usually in no rush to start a relationship. They are extremely patient and think long and hard about whether or not they want to be with someone. Just because you’ve been friends for a long time and he hasn’t confessed his feelings to you doesn’t mean he doesn’t. If you really like him, try being patient with him as he organizes his thoughts. Focus on being his girlfriend and spending more time with him to get to know him better.

Be attractive to a Capricorn man

Support him in his career.

Capricorn men love work and sometimes even value it more than other aspects of their lives, such as friendship and romance. If you want a Capricorn man to like you too, you should be there for him and support him when it comes to his work. Encourage him to take on new projects and cheer when he succeeds. For example, if he’s been thinking about asking for a promotion but has doubts about getting it, you should support him and encourage him to take the plunge.

Tell him about your plans and dreams for the future.

When Capricorn men are looking for a partner, they think far into the future. They want someone who fits into their life plan. If you tell a Capricorn man what your priorities and goals are for your life, he will find that you are also concerned about the future and he will be able to decide whether you could work together to achieve your goals as a team. An example. For example, you might mention that you would like to have children someday or that you would like to settle down and advance your career.

Avoid trying to change him.

Capricorn men are stubborn and they have no interest in being someone else’s personal project. If you try to drag him away from his work or force him to be more sociable and outspoken, it could backfire and even give him a negative image of you. Capricorn men like the other person to fit into their plan and usually hate changing their own plan for someone else. If you want a Capricorn to fall in love with you, you have to accept them for who they are. It’s ok if you expect compromises from him sometimes. Just avoid trying to change him as a person. For example, it’s ok if you ask him to go out with you and your friends from time to time. However, you shouldn’t force him to go out every weekend if he’s not interested in it himself.


Always remember that horoscopes are only general guidelines. Consider other things you know about him as well—even if those things may not fully align with a traditional Capricorn man profile.


If he only exhibits one or two of these behaviors, it could mean that he is only interested in being friends with you. In any case, you should have detected several of the mentioned signals before you conclude that he also has feelings for you.


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