Getting the Most Out of Sports Betting


The UK has long had a love of gambling. The creation of the Gambling Act in 2005, which legalised online casinos, really helped online gambling to take off. Punters were quick to not just indulge their passion just in the betting shops, but also on the internet.

When services first went online, the games and websites were somewhat crude in their design compared to today’s standards. Technology progressed, allowing operators to expand their offerings and improve the players’ experience on their websites. As more and more operators entered the market, competition grew and operators upped their game, looking to steal an edge on the competition, no matter how small it might be.

Below is a look at online gambling, discussing the importance of a good sportsbook, the advantages of betting online plus some tips for research bets and for live betting.

Why it’s important to choose a good sportsbook

A good sportsbook will offer you good odds, giving you the chance to make more money from your betting. You can also enjoy access to a wide range of sports, as well as expert analysis and predictions on events so that you can make a decent bet.

Not just the access to sports will be wide, but also to betting markets. You don’t always have to make bets on outright winners. Instead, you can vote on something quirkier, such as the number of corners that will be taken in a game of soccer.

Advantages of sports betting online

Betting on sports online offers significant benefits. Here are some of the main ones:


Convenience is the obvious one. It’s possible to put a bet on at just about any time, rather than have to wait for the betting shop to open or to visit one before it closes. You can even bet on an event while it’s still taking place, thanks to the live betting services many sportsbooks operate.


Betting shops may allow you to bet on events such as soccer or horse racing, but online sportsbooks reward players with much more variety. Gaelic football and esports are just two sports to which you have better access when online betting.


Joining an online sportsbook enables you to access bonuses and promotions you might not get at a regular betting shop. The juiciest opportunity to make some money from your betting is the welcome bonus. Competition is so fierce that operators will put together some fantastic welcome bonuses to attract players to their services.

Researching for a bet

To increase your chances of betting successfully, you should do some research before placing your bet. Once you find a game or event that you like, it’s time to get researching. The tips below will help you:

  • Start with the big picture: Imagine you’re betting on an NFL game. Look at the implications of the game, how it will affect each team’s position in the league. Is there any pressure on the coach to perform? Does the team have home advantage?
  • Look at team stats: What’s their track record? How are their offensive and defensive stats? What are their recent points totals?
  • Study individual players and matchups: Are there any key matchups? Have any of the players been enjoying a run of good (or bad) form lately? Injuries?

There are lots of different places you can find information to develop your strategy. These include:

  • Media websites
  • Footage of previous games
  • Blogs
  • Betting websites

Tips for live sports betting

If you don’t get to place your bet before the start of an event, you can participate in some live sports betting. Here are a few tips for that:

  • Decide before on the bets that interest you: You won’t know the odds until the event starts, but in-play betting moves very fast. You could miss out if you’re not prepared. Know what types of bets are going to be available and form a plan of attack.
  • Don’t bet on games you’re not watching: Being able to see the game gives you a big advantage over a computer that’s producing statistics. If you’re not actually watching the game and seeing how it’s flowing, you’re wasting it.
  • Don’t bet on too many events at once: It’s essential you’re able to follow the games as they take place. Betting on too many events at once won’t allow you to focus as much as you need to on each and you’ll miss things.

Sports betting has really taken off in the UK, allowing punters to enjoy convenience, promotions, and live betting so that they can really get the most out of their online betting. If you’re thinking of betting on an event, remember to choose a good sportsbook and, to give yourself the best chance of winning, always do some research before placing your bet.

Daniel Carter

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