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Bonus Coupons in Virtual Casinos: All the Secrets Revealed

Gambling sites reward visitors with coupons for depositing funds, participating in tournaments, and other activities. Bonus codes in a casino are one of the ways to get money for a real-money game, free spins, as well as an increased percentage of cashback. About the secrets of using promo codes in casinos — read below.

What are bonus codes, and how do they work?

The combination of numbers or letters in different registers, which must be entered on the casino website in order to receive rewards, are called promo codes. Activation takes place in the user’s personal account. After it, bonus money, free spins, and or other incentives appear in the player’s account. The received rewards must be wagered according to the rules specified in the description for the promo codes.

Regular customers of New Zealand Casinos use promo codes from different operators to reduce money losses when mastering new slots in a paid mode. The pros of this approach are the following:

  • Free account replenishment, allowing you to use casino games and receive winnings;
  • The additional amount on the account allows you to play without regard to the balance;
  • Opportunity to check if a casino is fair.

However, the promo codes must be activated and wagered within a short period. Otherwise, this opportunity may be lost.

Types of casino bonus codes

As part of the promotions, the sites give out free spins, or bonus money — funds on your account used for a paid game. These rewards are always appreciated by experienced customers. They can provide the user with free spins and bonus money at the same time. Also, with their help, additional services are activated, for example, cashback in the amount of a set percentage.

The codes are divided into two main groups:

  • No deposit: certain bonus codes in casinos provide rewards that do not need to be replenished to activate. Their wagering period is usually reduced.
  • Deposit: some promotions involve receiving bonus money or free spins for replenishing your account. In this case, after entering the promo code, you will need to make a deposit within the prescribed period.

The standard coupon can give free spins on slot machines, as well as funds for paid bets. Besides, some sites award loyalty points that can be redeemed for cash. Free spins in the amount of 20 to 300 are transferred to the user after making a deposit or without it — it depends on the conditions of the bonus. As a rule, it is necessary to wager free spins on the machines specified by the rules.

If you activate the free money promo code, the amount of 50 to 300% of the replenishment goes to the account immediately after the activation. In rare cases, the user is given no deposit funds. However, to withdraw them, you need to wager the increased amount. Also, the reward for such a bonus often goes to the user’s cashback account and is credited to the real one only when a specific amount is lost weekly.

Where to get coupons?

Casino bonus codes are usually distributed to players:

  • By email. In this case, you must subscribe to the newsletter;
  • On partner sites. As a rule, casino review sites can provide coupons;
  • Pages of gambling sites in social networks. Here, coupons for free bets, free spins, loyalty program points, and more are given out.

In addition, active users receive bonus codes in their Personal Account as a reward for various actions on the site.

Bonus wagering strategies

To withdraw the received reward, you need to know in advance all the terms of payments:

  • Wagering often needs to be done during a period of 24 hours to a week;
  • Free spins bets are limited, wagering is carried out on certain machines;
  • Maximum withdrawal. The amount of the final payment under the terms of the promotion may be limited.

How to speed up wagering and make it more profitable? Here are several life hacks:

  • Slots with low volatility are more likely to win;
  • Increased RTP increases the likelihood of winning combinations;
  • If the device does not “give” a payout, it is necessary to change it — the sooner, the better.

Withdrawal rules

Payments are made depending on the conditions of a particular promotional offer. As a rule, any reward requires wagering. Its amount is determined by the wager. This is a special multiplier used for the calculation. For example, having received $200 as part of a welcome package with ×25 wager, the player must multiply the amount by this indicator. It will turn out to be 200×25 = 5000. This is exactly how much you need to bet to withdraw the reward. Wagering of free spins is carried out according to the amount received after using them.

If the player received no deposit bonus on the coupon, verification of payment details may be required to withdraw the winnings. This means that you still have to deposit money.

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