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Black Friday Alert: Best Deals For Students

Now, many people all over the world are looking forward to the 27th of November, which is Black Friday this year. Students love Black Fridays because some shops accept a student discount even on this day when most items are already discounted. This way, the youth can really save a lot of money.

In 2020, some companies even start offering their best deals throughout the week or even the month to avoid crowds of people in the shops.

Getting the biggest discounts on Black Friday is easier for those who do shopping in the morning as the best deals are usually sold out very quickly. To find the best bargains, start looking for them as early as possible.

Make a plan of shops you want to visit ahead to minimize the temptation of impulse buys and go online as it’s better not to go out during the pandemic. Students are typically limited in the amount of money they can spend on shopping, so they should have a rough idea of what to buy in advance. Stay focused on what you really need and try to avoid buying unnecessary stuff.

Also, it’s important to avoid misleading deals. Unfortunately, some shops might decide to try their luck with some terrible offers hoping that people believe they’re better than they actually are. Hence, before making a purchase, do some research ahead of Black Friday and find out how much the things you want to buy usually cost. By checking the prices before Black Friday, you can recognize duff deals. Before you buy something, make sure that the offer is not just a poor imitation. You can also consider the best deals for students offered below to make the right choice.

Travel offers

In 2020, travel industry companies are going to offer discounts for time-specific travels for obvious reasons. So if you can and want to travel, there is a great opportunity to plan your holiday. You can find the cheapest travel packages during this time and book a great trip. Especially those who love skiing can benefit from Black Friday, as ski destinations are likely to push bargaining for their “need” periods that include the first and last few weeks of the ski season. So in late November and late March, you can get a ski trip for a very appealing price. Besides, most hotels all over the country allow you to get up to 50% off your booking on Black Friday.


Probably, the goods that will be sold out the fastest on Black Friday are electronic devices. So once you see a good deal, use it immediately. Buy computers, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, or some other gadgets for studying as soon as possible. Most of them are going to be heavily discounted. Using the best service to buy assignments is much easier when you have up-to-date gadgets. Luckily, there is a great Apple sale that happens each year, so you can also get one of the latest iPhone models much cheaper.

Winter clothes

The winter is coming just after Black Friday, so it’s time to gear up for the cold months. Luckily, you can keep yourself and your loved ones warm for less money. You can find your favorite clothes for winter with big discounts and look trendy. Black Friday gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd with the help of trendy winter outfits that your peers will be jealous of.  Prices for clothes will drop dramatically and discounts can reach up to 70%. For instance, Columbia offers 40% off almost everything and even free shipping when you spend $99 at their online store.


Sports shoes are one of the best things to buy on Black Friday, and this is a thing you always need during any season. This is a necessary element of any students’ wardrobe as sneakers can match any outfit, even a formal one. This universal item is a must for young people leading an active lifestyle. Just imagine, you can get Adidas sneakers with up to 50% discount in the early Black Friday sale, isn’t it amazing? Most retailers are likely to apply a 20 to 30 percent price reduction, so you can both save money and look great in your new sneakers.

Luxury handbags

This offer must be interesting for girls or guys who want to make a gift for their female friends. Designer handbags get much more affordable for students on Black Friday. If you’ve been dreaming of having a luxurious designer handbag for a long, it’s time to get it! The price cannot be an excuse not to buy top-quality things anymore. Luxury brands usually offer 30 to 40 percent off on average, while some of them, like Kate Spade, give up to 60% discounts.

Whether you need a new phone or a trendy pair of shoes, or maybe you want to treat yourself with a bottle of wine, you can find anything for a reduced price on Black Friday.  Students can buy sports gear at Adidas with up to 50% discount, get insta influencers’ outfits you’ve always dreamed of at H&M, or use the Ray-Ban discount for sunglasses. Under Armour, Hollister, Logitech, American Apparel, Samsung, and Reebok are only some of the brands with outstanding discounts on Black Friday.

Black Friday discounts can be very tempting and might make you purchase unnecessary stuff. Therefore,  set an overall spending limit for this day and try not to exceed it.

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