Best Ways to Save Money on eBay

Tight Budget

Pay attention to eBay’s home page

On the homepage of eBay, you can find a ton of deals on a wide variety of items. Deep discounts, like 50-60% off certain items, are advertised on the landing page very frequently. Don’t let these deals pass you by! You can filter these deals by categories, such as fashion or collectibles, or you can simply browse all feature items that are on sale – you never know what might catch your eye. Since these discounts and deals are so good, they are often time-sensitive. This means that you may have to act fast if you see something you want, but it also means that their sale inventory is refreshed often!

eBays home page

Rebaid is a rebate website that allows you to shop with deep discounts, sometimes even up to 100% of your money back! All you need to do is create an account on their website, which is totally free, and start browsing available products. Once you see something you’re interested in you’ll click on the listing and buy the item on eBay like you usually would. Then, you input your order number into Rebaid’s website, and they will mail you a paper check or direct deposit your rebate into your account! Rebaid is super easy to use and can save your hard-earned money while you’re shopping on eBay.


Browser extensions have the ability to save you a ton of time (and money!) when you are online shopping. Websites such as Honey offer extensions that automatically search the web for any available promo codes or coupons to save you money at checkout. Other browser extensions have price tracking capabilities, so you can know just how good (or not good) of a deal you are getting. Price tracking can help inform your decision to jump at a great deal or wait until the price of an item falls back down to normal.

Keep an Eye Out For Free Shipping Offers

High shipping costs can sour an entire purchase, so make sure to look for free shipping on certain items. Oftentimes towards the bottom of the eBay homepage, there is a section of items that include free shipping. An added bonus is that these items tend to be deeply discounted as well! Offers of up to 85% off the original list price plus free shipping equal tons of savings. 


One of the unique things about eBay compared to other online shopping sites is the ability the shopper has to determine the price you pay for a product! Pretty exciting. Simply contacting the seller and offering a lower price can get your products at a fraction of what you would have paid if you bought the listing at its original price. This hack only requires that you be polite to the seller, best not to insult them with a lowball offer. How easy is that?

NegotiateMake Sure Your Seller Has a Good Reputation

Since eBay is largely made up of individual sellers, the shopper has to be somewhat more diligent when selecting shops to purchase from than they would at a corporate online retailer. eBay offers a rating system as well as a “blue star” that tells you they are a trusted seller. This blue star means that a seller has over 50 ratings, there is also a yellow star which indicates a seller has between 10 and 49 ratings.

Make Sure to Pay Safely and Securely

It might be a good idea to pay with PayPal when dealing with individual sellers, so as to keep your credit card and banking information safe. PayPal adds a layer of security so that if a seller has bad intentions, they won’t be able to steal your financial information. It is also a good idea to keep an eye out for eBay’s “money-back guarantee”, shown on the right side of the listing. This is a further safety measure if something happens to the item, or it is not as described.

Pay Safely and Securely

Take the Time to Shop Around

This one might seem like a given, but a website like eBay offers so many different kinds of products from different kinds of sellers that it really does pay to shop around. If you are on the hunt for a collectible, for example, sifting through all of the listings before committing to buying one could mean you find a seller who is simply trying to get rid of an item quickly for cheap! This also gives you the opportunity to see what the average price is for a certain type of item, so you know what’s a fair price (and what isn’t). 

Helen Miller

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