Amazon Prime Day: Tips for Getting the Best Deals & Discounts

Amazon Prime Day 2020

According to the officials, UK Amazon Prime Day is one 13 Oct. It has been confirmed by the company that giant planning of 2 days deal for digital shoppers is just two weeks away. On this super fantastic day, there will be exciting deals on each and everything. From laptops to tabs, vacuums to ovens, electronic devices to kitchen machinery, candles to pots, every item will be available in “Oh So Wonderful Rates.” Moreover, you can get more articles or products by following the tips for finding the best deals.

How To Prepare For Amazon Prime Day 2020

To all those who want to take part in UK Amazon Prime Day, the biggest shopping event of the year, you’ll need to subscribe to Amazon Prime. With the prime membership at Amazon, you’ll get so many benefits, including sales, free, fast shipping, incredible discounts, and whatnot. No doubt, it’s worth paying only £7.99/month. Moreover, here is a fantastic offer for those who do not want the prime membership. Just sign up free for 30 days to get the benefits from UK Amazon Prime Day’s impressive deals and discounts.

Get Your Hands-on Amazon Prime Day Deals

Start making your wish list because the yearly biggest sale on UK Amazon Prime Day, is not too far. The deals that are more likely to be on this year prime day are as follows:

  • Amazon Devices.
  • Smart Home Security.
  • Amazon Music.
  • Prime Video.
  • Audible.
  • Kindle Unlimited.
  • Amazon first reads.
  • Kindle book deals.
  • Amazon brands.
  • Amazon fashion.
  • Microwave deal.
  • Amazon machine deals.
  • Technology device deal.

Things You Need To Know About Prime Day

Why do we call it a prime day? Because it is a wonderful annual saving event where the discount deals are breathtaking, and no one wants to miss the superb sale for sure. On this day, you can get the top-rated items at such affordable rates. Last year 175 million items were purchased by the customers, and this year it will be huger due to excellent addition to the discount deals.

Amazon already confirmed that this year’s prime day would come up with the one million deals globally for two days, including the discount on top brands like Nescafe, Phillips, Samsung, shark, armour, Sony, and so many others. However, another fantastic addition to this big day is that some of the devices will stay on discount price but not as low as offers during the Amazon prime’s two-day event.

How Can Students Take Part?

Are you a student? Want to get benefits from the biggest sale of the year? Well, here are the few steps you need to follow to be a part of this superb sale:

  • Get the premium subscription.
  • The perks of being a student are you can only pay £3.99 per month.
  • The subscription includes unlimited device readings, prime videos, ample photo storage, and free premium delivery.
  • Furthermore, you can also get off on fashion products, Samsung devices, and other brands.

Tips for Getting the Best Deals

We’ve rounded up some useful tips for finding the best deals:

Get A Membership

If you don’t have the membership, then without wasting a single second, click the button, enter your all information, pay the amount or get 30 days free subscription now.

Bookmark Amazon App

The next important step is to bookmark the amazon now. Have you put the amazon site on the main page of the browser or not? If not, then hurry up. It is necessary to check when the deals go live to purchase the desired product before it gets out of stock. Don’t forget to visit the site often and early because new deals will be added throughout two days.

Set An Alarm

Did you mark your calendar or set the alarm for the 13 Oct yet? Don’t wait for the next date to be announced because dates might be changed due to the current situation. On the safe side, put an alarm of this date to get notified without any delay.

Make A Wish List

Organizing things is the best habit for sure. Whether it is a shopping or setting of a room, one has to schedule everything up to the mark. Before the event, don’t forget to make a wish list. In this way, you’ll have an idea about what you need, what you desired, and where to spend money. Without a good plan, you’ll be lost in the sea of attractive sales and end up buying unnecessary items instead of the required ones.

Download Amazon App

Wait!! Are you thinking of enjoying the UK Amazon Prime Day sales by logging into their site from your phone or laptop? How about making it more accessible? Download the Amazon app now. In this way, you’ll get the updates on your notification bar about what’s happening or the upcoming events. Furthermore, download the app will be beneficial because the amazon app also gives you some fantastic tips to make more on a prime day.

Lightning Deals

During the prime day, some deals are always available, while others are just for a limited time called lightning deals. These deals go quickly when the items get out of stock, so by downloading the app, you will be notified about them as well.

Tips for The Sellers on Prime Day

If you are an Amazon seller, then here the quick tips that will help to boost your sale:

  • Make sure to highlight the most successful product on the prime day instead of considering the slow-moving ones to increase their sale. Moreover, products with high performance will have more sales and attract more customers.
  • Don’t fail to check your inventory before the prime day.
  • Before the prime day, optimize the listings of products to increase organic growth.
  • Never promote the products that are out of stock. This will decrease the sales rate and disappoint customers as well.
  • Recently, Amazon has introduced the Early Reviewer Program, so get the early reviews about products to boost your rank.


Amazon prime day is the best, and most awaited one for the retailers, sellers, and shopping lovers. One has to follow a few tips to purchase the desired items before it gets out of stock. Keep these fantastic tips and tricks in mind and get well-prepared for the Prime Day 2020.

Lillie Byrd

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