Tips For Brits To Save Money

Amazing Tips For Brits To Save Money

Are you moving to the UK? Well, no doubt it is the best place to live in. But do you know how costly the living is in the UK? No doubt, this country provides excellent wages and educational standards as compared to other countries. Moreover, it is full of culture, history, and opportunities for every age group. 

But moving here is not a budget-friendly deal. You should save more and spend less. The United Kingdom is the 10th most expensive country globally, and London is in the 6th expensive city. Don’t be anxious. You can survive in this high standard and great country by following our monthly shopping tips for brits. However, saving money is the right choice whether you live in Britain or any other country. If you don’t save, you’ll face so much trouble during rough times. Keep in mind your total assets, savings, and monthly income.

What leads to poor financial management?

Here is the carelessness that people do due to which they end saving zero penny for the rainy days:

  • Mismanagement while spending money.
  • They are failing to organize their finances.
  • Spend more on alcohol or parties.
  • Spending so much on birthday presents, Christmas, family trips.

Tips To Save Money

The following are the tips that aid in saving money on the go:

Sharing a flat

Without any doubt, housing in the UK is so much expensive. And those who have low or moderate-income can’t afford the luxury house. 

To keep your costs down, you can share your flat. Through this, the monthly rent will get half, and you can save money for other plans. One can get the flatmates through different events or contacting the popular websites for a flatshare. It is common to spend 40% of income on their home compared to the Europeans. That’s why cut the costs through the home expense then move forward to the next step.

Bank Account

It is easier to set up a bank account in the UK. The only best thing you need to do is to prove your identity and address. That’s all they required. 

However, by having a local bank account, you’ll be quickly put whatever you save monthly in your account to keep them aside from your eyes. This is how you’ll have some amount for the daily expenses at the end of the month.

Household Bills

The next thing that is the main reason for the high expense is the energy bills. The monthly bills in winters and a few days of summers could be more home expenses. 

However, it is more likely to have high bills in winters due to the extreme cold. But you can still cut the billing amount by merely switching to the bigger jumper or sweaters to put the heating on a moderate level. In this way, fewer units will be used, and the bill will be reduced automatically.

Eat-In Low Cost

It’s unnecessary to go out and have expensive food. You can still get high-quality yet tasty food at an affordable rate from British supermarkets. 

Moreover, at night when the bright yellow or red stickers are shown at shops, go there and get the food. At that time, you’ll get the same high price item at such an affordable rate. Because the British never waste the food left and instead of keeping it for the next day, they sell it reasonably. This is how you can enjoy great food at super low rates. 

The best way to get a fantastic dinner is to reach the hotels just a few hours before closing the hotel and getting your favorite food at a low cost. In this way, you can easily cut the food expense without starving.

Travel For Less

A car is not essential if you are living in London or any other city in the UK. Just swipe your contactless card and travel on the trains or buses. Those who do not have a contactless card get the oyster card from the ticket office and travel at such an affordable rate. 

Additionally, few Birts in London drive in cars daily, and most of them use comfortable local transport to reach the desired destination. Moreover, you can also buy the ticket of train at low rates through booking in advance online.

Furthermore, you can use Uber for short trips instead of going on taxis. And for the long trips, we’d suggest you go on coach.

Shopping In Low Rate

You must be thinking about “What To Buy In October?” Well, here are the monthly shopping tips for brits. 

Try to search for your favorite brands’ vouchers or get the discount code instead of getting the item at the full price. Moreover, it is good to shop for the products during sale days. Because of the cost of clothing, makeup, grocery, and every other thing are high. It will be wise to decide if you wait for the monthly sale or find any discount voucher to get the item required at half price.

Haggle Where Required

You can get the product at an affordable price by haggling with the salesman. But make sure to know where to haggle and where not to create any scene. Just be brave enough to ask, and some of the sellers get convinced to give the item at the rate you offer. 

However, mostly gym membership, gadgets, or car sellers agreed on haggling instead of the food stores. Sometimes the flat owners also lower the rent if you request them.

Plan the Expanse

One of the things in life is organizing the expanse before next month’s start. This is how you’ll have an idea about where to spend, what you required the most, and which items are necessary for you to spend the month. 

Moreover, through planning, you’ll be safe from spending money on useless things. However, instead of crying on the spilled milk, save something for rainy days.


In this article, we’ve discussed how to save money while living in England. Undoubtedly, the UK’s lifestyle is expensive, but still holding for the bad days will be wise. Trust me, and no one will help you in the rough days you need to support yourself on your own.

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