9 Items to Add to a Mother’s Day Gift Hamper 2022

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Mums are givers. They are sources of eternal love and affection at any age. Thus, they deserve appreciation and gratitude during Mothering Sunday and days without occasion. Personalised gifts such as hampers and flower delivery UK are some fabulous gift ideas for mums. A bouquet of pink flowers is usually given to mums during this day. But if you are looking for a customised gift that includes items she’ll truly enjoy, then go for a hamper.

There are several shops and online retailers offering hamper delivery. These gifts are designed to arrive in traditional hampers or elegant keepsake gift boxes. Some even have complimentary gift cards to place your personalised message for your dearest mum.

As each mum is different, it is best to have a customised hamper for every mum. This article lists items you can include in your gift basket for new mums and elderly mothers.

Baby Items

First-time mums will appreciate a customised hamper that includes items for their newborns. Include some plush toys and organic baby products. Baby rompers, hats and cute bonnets, and mittens are other things you can add to the hamper.

Gourmet Snacks

Mums need energy to up with all their work. So treat her to gourmet versions of her favourite snacks. For example, get both popcorn and potato crisps in her favourite flavours. Other treats are rich buttery shortbreads, fudgy cookies, sweet nuts, and toffee nut brittles.


Chocolate lovers will be happy to receive a hamper with gourmet chocolates. You can buy her artisan chocolate from her favourite shop or make her some from scratch.

Coffee or Tea

Whether it is tea or coffee, a cuppa is the perfect pick-me-up. Mums can have it alongside breakfast, afternoon tea treats and other nibbles that complements their cuppa. Shop for gourmet tea and coffee grounds for a quality brew.

Beauty Products

Encourage mum to pamper sessions with luxury skincare products such as beauty bars, hand cream, hand balms, CBD oils, and moisturising facial lotions. But if you know her favourites, then fill the hamper with those. Include a plush bathrobe and toiletry bag to complete the set! Then, for the ultimate home spa experience, add aromatic ceramic tea-light votives to the mix.

Hobby Items

If mum has a favourite hobby, you can make her a hamper filled with items related to that. For example, if she loves gardening, you can put seeds, a new pair of gardening gloves, and a special hand lotion for gardeners. If she loves to cook, you can restock her pantry with fresh spices and new condiments she hasn’t tried.

New Interests

Has mum expressed a desire to learn a new skill? If so, then use the opportunity to show your support by giving her what she needs to get started. For example, if she wants to learn how to play the guitar, you can make a basket with guitar picks, a guitar tuner, and a chord book.

Voucher Booklets

Mother’s Day is a time to honour mothers and a chance to give them a break. Vouchers are an excellent addition to her gift basket because she can redeem them anytime! Making dinner, cleaning the house, and running errands make for great voucher items.

Pressed For Time

If you’ve run out of time and won’t be able to make your own Mother’s Day gift basket this year, you can always pick a pre-made hamper from the shops. You can even add a bouquet of her favourite flowers to the gift.


These are just some items to add to your mum’s gift hamper. Remember that what you put is up to you. You can add anything you want in the hamper, especially if you it will make mum happy. So have fun putting one together in a traditional basket or cute gift box.

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