10 Most Popular Health & Wellness Podcasts

Despite how much you may like reading books, the modern way of life doesn’t allow most people to enjoy paper texts. That’s why podcasts seem to be a perfect alternative. You may listen to your favorite podcast while exercising in the gym, going by car, cycling, working, cooking, and other numerous activities. The topics vary, but exactly health and wellness podcasts are very popular at present. Moreover, with an audio transcription service, you can always have important information close at hand and consult it when it’s necessary. Rendering voice-to-text is a good option to be engaged, educated, and feel understood.

The Ultimate Health Podcast

Two hosts Dr.Jesse Chappus and Marni Wasserman are inviting experts on wellness and natural health. They talk about such important topics as diet, meditation, and insomnia. The podcast series aims to encourage the listeners to make the right choice in terms of health by sharing comprehensive data and sine alternative points of view. The hosts and the guests sometimes use quite challenging words, so it’s better to approach professional transcriptionists for assistance.

Rich Roll

This man is very popular in vegan and plant-based communities. Every episode is a chance for people to grow both professionally and personally. Rich Roll is fantastic at encouraging listeners to self-educate, inspire them, and staying cheerful no matter what is going around.

Party in My Plants

While some people are sure that having a healthy lifestyle is boring, Talia Pollock proves the opposite. She is energetic, inspired and can easily motivate any person to change a viewpoint. She presents fantastic episodes every week that focus on moving, eating, and of course, thinking. If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle but do not know what to start with, “Party in my plants” may become your lucky ticket to a new life.

Dr. Ruscio Radio

This podcast will appeal more to people who like to deal with verified information. Here you will come across evidence-based nutrition resources and get rid of all possible hesitations in terms of a particular issue. Despite a high level of presented information about nutrition, health, and functional medicine, all listeners can easily understand what the specialists are saying thanks to the applicable way of narration.

The Doctor’s Kitchen

The author of the podcast is Dr.Rupy Aujla is sure that the right food can really prevent a number of diseases and illnesses. You will find plenty of effective tips on his podcast that are research-based. Following them, you can start to eat healthy and gain optimum nutrition. All listeners can easily feel the passion of the author to share useful information. Numerous guests talk about the perspectives on nutrition’s influence on mood, brain, and of course, body.

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Four athletes were fed up with the way the fitness industry put an accent on people’s insecurities in terms of their bodies. As a result, they decided to create a fitness and wellness podcast. The authors aim to educate the listeners and inform them how to do sport safely and efficiently. In this podcast, you will find accurate data about pumping up, working out, and doing your best no matter what is the level of your physical preparation.

The Chalene Show: Diet, Fitness, and Life Balance

A celebrity fitness trainer Chalene Johnson has started own podcast series with the only idea – to help people cope with obstacles that prevent them from having great mental and physical health. The host invites different experts to discuss all related issues. Among the most popular topics are relationship strategies, the impact of birth control on women’s brains, fitness aims, etc. The most interesting point about the following podcast is that Johnson encourages listeners to provide feedback and ask questions.

The Mindful Minute

If you are interested in meditation but you have no idea how to start it and what is required, then this simple podcast series may be right what you are looking for. Meryl Arnett is the host, and she shares a new podcast every week. Each episode includes a short discussion and simple instructions on effective meditation. With speech recognition technology, you will not miss any important information.

Chasing excellence

If you need some effective guide to achieve a better performance in the gym and outside, then Ben Bergeron is ready to help you. The podcast is popular with all people despite their current points in their fitness journey. The host breaks all common ideas and strategies and comes up with a fresh view that you will surely like and quickly achieve the desired aim.

Elevated with Mara

If you feel like starting a fascinating fitness journey but feel confused, then Elevated with Mara may be a great point to consider. The podcast will present information on wellness and health topics in an interesting and clear way. You have an incredible chance to listen to personal stories of success and get inspired.


Podcasts are a modern and efficient way to learn new information and stay connected even when it seems that your lifestyle is too busy. With plenty of different hosts, you will surely find the one that will make you turn on every new series and look forward to listening to experts in the field of health and wellness. Do not worry if you can’t catch difficult words. Some professionals will be glad to help you. Approaching a trustworthy transcription service will let you completely understand the entire content and even write down important notes. As a result, you get a chance to educate yourself without distracting yourself from other activities, including work, home stuff, etc. Podcasts are the right way to spend your time efficiently.

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